What do we do?

Eximo introduces three fundamental stages of awareness, so the practitioner, has an understanding of how they are going to move. Those three stages are:

Upper gate: Movements from a standing position

Middle gate: Movements from a crouching position

Lower gate: Movements from a crawling position

How do we do it?

Eximo then addresses the body through three primary training protocols: Reactions Drills, Sequencing and Skill Building.

photo 4

Reaction Drills: Drills designed to teach you how to “think” with the movements being practices.

Sequencing: A way of introducing new movements, by pairing two or more moves together in a choreographed set.

Skill Building: Where a bodyweight skill is introduced, and a variety of progressions are used to help the practitioner achieve it.



Below is a except from a workshop, where we addressed a entering/exiting a bridge from an elbow supported position.