The 7 Fundamental Positions for Eximo.

Shinobi Squat:  A squat is used to transfer weight, inward and up your legs. Shinobi

Assisted Cossack Squat: A squat used to transfer weight, outward and down your legs.

supported cossack

Active Kneel: To keep the energy in the legs, but in a rested position, so the user in always in a position to transfer weight.


Standing Pike: To access the power in your posterior chain, through the principle of compression.

Standing pike

Upside Down Pike: A position where you release your weight onto floor, using the spine as the prime source of mobilization.

Upside down pike

Elbow Support: A structural position, used to fill in, and fill out, transitions.

elbow support

Bridge: The hidden shape of the spine. A great postural avenue, into the principles of inversions.