A library of moves of what makes Eximo, Eximo

Indian Rolls

Cork Drop

Cycle Get-Ups

Shinobi Spin

Butterfly Get-Ups

Crab UFOs

Pigeon Switches

Knee Rocks

Pigeon Lifts

Triple Sweeps

Rush Slides

Climber Traces

Squat to Knee Folds (assisted)

Squat Rolls

High Val Kick

Dragon Cycles

Pistol Walk-Overs

Crab Exchange

Seated Pendulum

Feint Cossack Drop


Shinobi Walks

Crab Crescent Kick (Outward)

Wex Sweep into Butterfly Spin

Leaf Drop

Bridge Posts

Squat to Knee Folds

Tunnel into Tuck Planche

Travelling Crab Exchange

Backwards Crab Exchange

Frog Planes

Stomp Slides

Squat Rocks

Cross-Legged Grooves

Gypsy Switch

Folded Arm Posts

Transcending Cossack

Roll-Over Straddle Lifts

Hook Kick into Crab Exchange

Forward Crab Exchange

Shinobi Entrance

Slide-In Cossack

Sweep Entrance into Handstand

Tunnel into QDR

Neck Pullover

Cossack Sweep

Wex Sweep into Crab Exchange

Wex Sweep into Neck Roll


Single Leg Crab Exchange

Hook Sweep into Railwalk

Backwards Crab Exchange (Sliding)

Neck Push Over

Val Kick

Low Gate Kick into Handstand

Pike Flow

Pistol Lifts

Pigeon Kicks

Corkscrew Flow


Sweep Flow

Sweeps x 90/90’s (6 Variations)

Wave Kicks (4 Variations)

Hurdler Position Entrances (5 Variations)

Wex Sweep into Reverse Cork Spin

Release Kick into Lateral Push-Up

Sweep Crawl into Seated Axe

Wex Kick into Shinobi Spin

Indian Roll into Travelling Cossack

Body Sweep into Butterfly


90/90 Release Flows (5 Variations)

Body Sweep into Dragon Squat

Body Sweep into Cossack

Handstand Side Entrance

Wiper Kicks

Travelling Cossack into Cork Spin

Crawling Pendulum


Star Drop into 90/90

Cycle Get-Up (From Standing)

Square Get-up

Bear Swipes


Crawl Folds


Bear Traces

Clover Folds

Pike Threads


Hurdle Kick Backs