Why should you chose Eximo? The answers are simple.

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Physiological Benefits 

Our evolution as a species, from walking around on all fours, to just our legs, has dramatically changed how our joints function. This shift in structure has caused us to loose certain ranges of motion, and over-compensate in other areas.background-2The focus is to re-acclimate the body, for the way it was inherently designed, through a stimulating, engaging and creative process. 



Psychological Benefits

The mind changes with the body. Without question if your structure has evolved over time, your mind has as well. Motor skills, perception, body-awareness, are all things that have been modified, with the changes in our structure. screenshot_20161011-105311To be able to use your body better is one thing, but to be able to perceive what it can be used for is another. The methods taught here, directly introduce you to that.screenshot_20161008-105201